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Retail Solutions and Services

Supporting Retailers and Sales Staff

We offer a complete line of device and browser-agnostic tools to educate, engage, and manage retailers by optimizing sales force execution and providing actionable insights to lottery management. Our products accelerate growth by visualizing data in a meaningful context so that lottery staff and retailers can make informed, sales-driving business decisions.

  • LSP

    Lottery Services Portal

    Lottery Services Portal 3.0 is a user-friendly retailer website providing information and tools retailers need to manage and grow their lottery business.

    • At-a-glance sales, earnings and inventory information
    • Interactive dashboard
    • Printable winner awareness
    • Lottery training
    • Detailed reports
    • Actionable alerts
    • Customized to fit needs and business rules of corporate and independent retailers 
  • Lottery Learning Link

    Interactive and engaging training tool for both corporate and independent retailers.

    • Audio, video, hands-on exercises, and quizzes
    • Reproduces the experience of having a terminal in front of the user
    • Corporate accounts can include content on lottery procedures
    • Multilingual
    • Tracks and reports retailer training access and activity
  • Retail Market Insights

    Retail Market Insights

    Application that enables lotteries and retail chains to compare lottery sales performance across jurisdictions.

    • Provides data-driven foundation for optimization, recruitment, and merchandising decision-making
    • Provides actionable insights for key performance indicators
    • Highlights opportunities for incremental chain performance
    • Aggregates data to compare sales by channel or retailer across the country
    • Integrates third-party data on demographics, trends, more
    • Provides up-to-date trend analysis, scorecard access for top accounts, and benchmarking capabilities against like retailers
  • Business Intelligence

    ES Business Intelligence

    Comprehensive business intelligence and analytics tool that provides actionable insights across all sales channels. 

    • Provides insights to analyze lottery performance and identify areas of opportunity
    • Enables import and real-time tracking of performance over time and against goals
    • Features daily and real-time reporting, visual analytics, and dynamic dashboards
    • Provides transaction-level detail that can be grouped to better segment and monitor specific areas of business 
  • OnePlace Sales Force Automation

    OnePlace is our mobile tool that puts insights and compelling data into the hands of lottery sales reps.

    • Visualized, up-to-the-minute reporting gives the sales reps the ability to coach retailers
    • Routing tools provide optimized time management
    • Prospecting module supports active tracking and monitoring of retail recruitment activities

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