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Central System and Applications

Retail Solutions

  • Lottery Retail Mangement

    Aurora™ Retailer Manager

    Help your retailers to excel with a solid foundation of support provided by our Aurora Retailer Manager flexible, web-based tool. Retailer Manager enables lotteries to efficiently coordinate, control, and monitor the entire life cycle of their retailers. 

    Retailer Manager brings independent and chain store retailers online quickly and easily. It manages a retailer’s association with terminals, clerks, and owners though:

    • Supporting adjustment entries on an individual or a group basis
    • Reducing labor and time associated with change of ownerships
    • Furnishing lotteries and chain store accounts with easy reporting and billing
    • Providing a complete audit trail of all retailer-related data changes and comment

  • Promotions

    Aurora™ Sales ProMotor

    Aurora provides omni-channel capability including universal promotions that offer cross-channel players a seamless player experience.   Aurora Sales ProMotor is an extensive promotions module for rapid and targeted deployment leveraging a large variety of promotion types to fit any lottery’s marketing criteria.

  • Aurora™ Performance Intel

    Aurora Performance Intel empowers lottery executives, managers, and analysts with daily and real time reporting, visual analytics, and dynamic dashboards to identify opportunities for sales optimization.

    Aurora Performance Intel provides comprehensive business intelligence and analytics across all sales channels to deliver actionable insights into your lottery’s sales performance and inform lottery decision makers.

    It has an intuitive business user interface and a direct link to a user-friendly ad-hoc module that empowers analysts to be able to create or change reports and query data down to even transaction level detail.

    Performance Intel is powered by a comprehensive data warehouse that uses IBM's latest DB2 BLU Accelerator database technologies. 

  • Aurora™ Lottery Services Portal

    Retailer self-management from anywhere with a secure web connection provides key actionable alerts, information and resources to optimize sales, plus access to e-learning and training information. You also get updated inventory, invoice, sales and earnings reports from a built-in reports browser.  

    IGT’s Lottery Services Portal enables a new level of direct communication and engagement with independent retailers plus chain headquarters and their individual retail locations.

    It’s as easy as a mouse click or a touch of a screen from any device. 

  • Aurora™ SmartCount

    Assist retailers with reconciling their instant ticket inventory simply and effectively with SmartCount.

    The specialized application installed on Aurora utilizes an extended-reach or cordless barcode reader.  Retailers simply scan the first ticket barcode when loading a dispenser and then scan the next ticket available for sale at shift change or at end of day to create an automatic record of all tickets sold.

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